Versatile Turf Solutions

Ryegrass is the perfect choice for quality turf.

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Cover Crop Solutions

A deep rooting cover crop that boosts yields.

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Outstanding Forage Crop

A highly digestible and palatable forage.

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Oregon-Grown Ryegrass

Ryegrass seed produces excellent and speedy ground covers for lawns, turf and pastures. Annual and perennial ryegrasses are planted by the millions of pounds each year in the USA and around the world. In warmer areas ryegrass provides a winter green color by overseeding dormant brown grasses. In cooler areas pure Perennial Ryegrass lawns are planted for their performance and wear quality. They are often planted for their fast germination time.

Erosion control, sports, pastures, hay production and lawn mixes are other areas that both Annual & perennial ryegrass excel. These tough grasses are some of the most wear tolerant of all grasses.


  • Fast germination and establishment
  • Wide range of adaptability to soils
  • Can be used for over-seeding dormant warm-weather grasses
  • Excellent seedling vigor
  • Excellent wear tolerance
  • Overall beautiful turf quality


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Desease Resistance

Ryegrass has a good resistance to most common diseases. During the cool months, turf which is properly watered, mowed and fertilized is much less likely to be affected by disease.

Improves Soil

Annual Ryegrass roots break through soil compaction layers to reach deep water and nutrients. It leaves improved soil structure and increased organic matter in its path.

Quality Turf

Ryegrass will keep a deep, rich bluegreen color throughout the year, if properly fertilized. Its color and natural beauty is what sets it apart from other varieties.

Quality Seed Grown in Oregon

About 90% of cool-season grass seed sold in the United States is produced in Oregon, and for good reason. Oregon-grown ryegrass seed is produced by full-time growers in the grass seed capital of the world - where ideal growing conditions contribute to the inherent quality of our product.